Lee Miller

Lee Miller - Professor

LM [at]
Ward 5-011
(312) 503-8677

Raeed Chowdhury

Raeed Chowdhury - Graduate Student, BME

RaeedChowdhury2012 [at]
Ward 5-150
(312) 503-7353

Brian Dekleva

Brian Dekleva - Graduate Student, BME

brian.dekleva [at]
Ward 5-150
(312) 503-7353

Through my research I am attempting to determine how the brain deals with uncertainty while planning and making arm movements.

Christian Ethier

Christian Ethier - Post-Doctoral Fellow

christian.ethier [at]
Ward 5-150
(312) 503-7353

My research is focused on the development of a neuroprosthesis that uses brain signals to control functional electrical stimulation (FES) and restore grasp function in a monkey model of spinal cord injury.

Brian Franco

Brian Franco - Graduate Student, BME

BrianFranco2015 [at]
Ward 5-155
(312) 503-7353

Brian Franco

Chao Li - Graduate Student, BME

chaoli2012 [at]
Ward 5-155
(312) 503-7353

Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore - Intern

rmoore [at]
Ward 5-150
(312) 503-7353

Kate Murray

Kate Murray - Research Technician

kate.murray [at]
Ward 5-150
(312) 503-7353

Stephanie Naufel

Stephanie Naufel - Graduate Student, BME

steph.naufel [at]
Ward 5-150
(312) 503-7353

My research revolves around the refinement of control strategies for cortically controlled functional electrical stimulation (FES). I'm seeking optimal ways to record from motor cortex and in turn stimulate muscles appropriately.

Matt Perich

Matt Perich - Graduate Student, BME

MatthewPerich2016 [at]
Ward 5-150
(312) 503-7353

Ricardo Torres

Ricardo Ruiz Torres - Graduate Student, Neuroscience

ricardort [at]
Ward 5-198
(312) 503-1795

I am interested in sensorimotor processing in the central nervous system. I study how proprioceptive information is encoded in the primary somato- sensory and primary motor cortices and its role in feedback motor control.

Tucker Tomlinson

Tucker Tomlinson - Post-Doctoral Fellow

tuckertomlinson [at]
Ward 5-198
(312) 503-1795

I'm working to artificially reproduce naturalistic sensations of the cutaneous and proprioceptive sensory systems by directly stimulating neurons in the somatosensory cortex during a simple perception and reaching task.

Paul Wanda

Paul Wanda - Post-Doctoral Fellow

pwanda [at]
Ward 5-160
(312) 503-7353

I am currently designing and implementing behavioral experiments to generate the data needed to test theoretical models of neural encoding of uncertainty.

Former Lab Members

Jose Albites Sanabria, Graduate Student, BME, Brown University

Ted Ballou,

Matt Bauman, Graduate Student, BME, University of Pittsburgh

David Bontrager, Graduate Student, BME, University of Zurich

Matt Burns, Medical Student, University of Illinois at Chicago

Longtang Chen, Associate Prof, Otolaryngology & Communicative Sciences, Univ Mississippi Med Center

Christopher R. Jackson, Medical Student, University of Michigan

Anil Cherian, President, S.D.G. Consulting, Inc.

Becca Fenton-Friesen, Graduate Student, ME, Northwestern University

Luke Jordan, Graduate Student, BME, University of Minnesota

Martha Johnson Gdowski, Associate Prof, Dept Neurobiology and Anatomy, Univ Rochester Med Center

Alex Kuck, Graduate Student, BME, University of Twente, Netherlands

Robert N. Holdefer, Assistant Professor, Dept Rehab Medicine, Univ of Washington School of Med

Klaus Huebert, Graduate Student, School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami

Max Krucoff, Medical Student, George Washington University

Brian London, Post-doctoral fellow with Mark Churchland, Columbia University, New York

Michelle M. Morrow, Post-doctoral fellow with Peter L. Strick, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Kevin Novak, Neurophysiologist, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

Emily Oby, Post-doctoral fellow with Aaron Batista, University of Pittsburgh

Eric Pohlmeyer, Post-doctoral fellow with Justin Sanchez, University of Miami

Stephan Potgeiter, Graduate Student, BME, Delft University

Jim Rebesco, Post-doctoral fellow, Virtu IP, New York

Hans Christian Riis, Graduate Student, BME, Aalborg University

Nicholas Sachs, Clinical Systems Engineer, St Jude Medical, Los Angeles

Mariana Semprini, Graduate Student, University of Genova, Italy

Gynter Schneider, Graduate Student, BME, Aalborg University

Marc Slutzky, Asst. Prof., Neurology/Physiology, Northwestern University

Alessandro Vato, Asst. Prof., Robotics, brain and cognitive sciences, Italian Institute of Technology

Ben Walker, Research Engineer, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Boubker Zaaimi, Post-doctoral fellow with Jack Martin, CUNY, New York